Mark And Josh

These two started appearing in my political cartoons some years ago, as my gay everycouple...cartoon stand-ins for when I wanted to comment on how some issue affected us gay folks in our day-to-day lives. I quickly took a liking to them, and began including them at random, just to get their opinion about things, or to watch them dealing with, and enjoying life as a couple.

Most of the cartoons here are from the political cartoon page. But a few of the more recent ones are theirs alone. And now they have a page of their very own too. I've added comments to the links below and as I get time I'll rework these cartoon pages to add the comments and link them back to this page. For now though, you'll need to use your browser's "back" button to get back to here while looking at them.

I'll probably keep giving these two guest appearances on the political cartoon page, but as time goes on I'll be filling in more of their lives right here. As always, the blog is the best place to keep tabs on when I've posted a new one.

It's Just A Behavior
Joseph Nicolosi succumbs to the dead lifestyle

They Had To Put Him Somewhere
Mark reflects on the meaning of Christmas

Christmas 2014!

Christmas 2006!

That After Oscar Let-Down...
Mark was even more pissed then I was that Brokeback Mountain lost...

The Angriest Boyfriend In The World
If you never saw David Lynch's The Angriest Dog In The World comic strip then the gag here may escape you. You should google it.

I did this one after actually reading a news article where the reporter went to this place in Kansas because it was literally in the middle of America, to find out how "middle America" was reacting to Brokeback Mountain. I like this one because it shows Josh's dry sense of humor, and how he likes to tease Mark's anger out of him.

Tax Time Blues - April 2006

"Wait a minute..." - Valentine's Day 2006
I think Mark's onto him...

That Wonderful Time Of Year - Christmas 2005
This one began with a cartoon that was actually solicited from me by a gay publication, which they later decided not to run. I took that single panel cartoon and expanded it into this multi-part Mark and Josh Christmas card.

"Sometimes..." - Ford And The AFA
A few days after Ford seems to be capitulating to the AFA, it announces that it won't. Mark is expressing my own complete, but happy astonishment there...

Ford Rolls Over

The Revolution Lives On
This one is a tad unusual for my cartoons of these two. Mark and Josh cartoons are typically slice-of-life moments and this one is symbolic in a way more typical of political cartoons. But I drew this during the Love In Action protests and it felt right to have these two expressing my anger and determination about the denial of liberty, of identity itself, to a gay teenager.

The two spirits are intended to be family members who served in the Revolutionary War. Since Josh is a Virginian, the fellow wearing the uniform of the Union Army was probably even more estranged from his\ family then Josh is...

Happy Holidays - Christmas 2004

"That bird wasn't wearing that..." - Thanksgiving 2004
Josh, if you hadn't noticed by now, is a country boy. The truck you see him driving in all the cartoons btw, is a 1955 GMC pickup he found rusting away in a neighbor's barn and nursed back to life as a teenager, so he could have something to drive.

The Idea
They're looking a bit more suburban casual here then usual. I don't know what I was thinking when I did their clothes in this one.

"For all practical purposes..." - Tax Time 2004

"Peace On Earth" - Christmas 2003

"It's supposed to be scary..." - Halloween 2003

This was done a few days after the Supreme Court overturned Hardwick v. Bowers and invalidated the sodomy laws still left on the books, including the one in Texas which had been the object of the case before the court. About half the states still had sodomy laws at that time.

This was my first attempt at a color cartoon. From this point on I made a point to do all my Mark and Josh cartoons in color.

Worksheet F - Tax Time 2003

"Oh, by the way..." - Valentine's Day 2003
This one seems to be a favorite with the search engines. It's a personal favorite also, and the first cartoon that I did of these two where they weren't riffing for me on a particular political issue, but just being themselves.

"I told you so..."
This is the first cartoon I did of these two, where I was doing them deliberately. Yes...their appearance has changed somewhat over the years...especially Mark's. I wasn't sure back then that I wanted Mark to have the long hair that he does now because that wasn't really in style. Then I realized that Mark wouldn't care any more about style then I do. Mark is pretty defiantly who he is and you can take him or leave him. But I still wasn't sure who these two were at this point. I don't think I even knew their names.

Mark and Josh's first appearance on my cartoon page...but at the time I didn't know it was them. A friend told me that the same couple in this cartoon had been showing up now and then in some of my other political cartoons. I didn't see it, but it started me thinking that a recurring gay couple might give me a way to do cartoons from the point of view of living life in the middle of the culture wars.

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