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October 28th, 2012

Dear Values Voters…

If you’re still committed to vote for this man admit it…you don’t care that he’s a brazen in-your-face liar. You care about something else. Maybe it’s the president is a darkie. Maybe it’s the homosexuals are after your children. Maybe its rape is a gift from God. Whatever.

You’re going to vote for the liar. Because he shares your moral values.

6 Responses to “Dear Values Voters…”

  1. tavdy79 Says:

    You’re going to vote for the liar because he appears to share your moral values. In reality he has all the moral values of a windsock.

  2. mordicaiq Says:

    You’re going to vote for the liar. Because he shares your <strike>moral</strike> values.

  3. Citizen Alan Says:

    Please do not compare Mitt Romney to a windsock, which after all, performs a useful function. It is also more honest than Mitt Romney since it will, you know, honestly tell you which way the wind is blowing. Mitt Romney would describe the weather as being whatever he thought would reflect most poorly on Obama.

  4. Addicted Says:

    @tavdy – I think the original comment is better. Because LYING is part of the value voter’s moral values. They will claim they are voting for Romney for economic reasons, capitalism, etc. but the reality is likely they are voting for Romney for one of the reasons mentioned in the blog post.

  5. Saffi Says:

    The thing that Mitt Romney obviously never even considered when pushing this pathetic lie is that people in economically stressed areas who are wholly dependent on the auto industry for their jobs have, in the past, COMMITTED SUICIDE  after hearing similar stories.  

    But then, those folks aren’t Mitt’s kind of people, are they?

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