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February 24th, 2009

Oh Look…More Common Ground…

The anti-gay American Family Association is calling now, for a boycott of Pepsi.  Seems they’re none too happy that Pepsi treats its gay customers like something other then human garbage.  Here’s their email alert to the faithful…

Dear ****,

Pepsi has produced another TV ad not only promoting Pepsi but also promoting the gay lifestyle. Click here to see the ad.

Pepsi had released a similar ad before. The ads serve two purposes for Pepsi: to sell Pepsi and to promote the homosexual lifestyle. AFA asked Pepsi to remain neutral in the culture war, but the company refused – choosing to support the homosexual activists.

Pepsi has made no effort to hide their support for the homosexual agenda:

Pepsi gave a total of $1,000,000 to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) to promote the homosexual lifestyle in the workplace.

Both HRC and PFLAG supported efforts in California to defeat Proposition 8 which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. HRC, which received $500,000 from Pepsi, gave $2.3 million to defeat Proposition 8.

Pepsi forces employees to attend sexual orientation and gender diversity training where the employees are taught to accept homosexuality.

Pepsi is a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Take Action!

So you folks in the kook pews are going to drink…what…from now on?  Coke?  Coca Cola company gets a 100 Percent rating from the Human Rights Campaign.  Hmmm.  Well…you Could do 7-Up, which is owned by Dr Pepper/Snapple…but only here in the U.S.  Elsewhere it’s owned by…Pepsi.

Hey…I know…  You can all drink the Kool-Aid!

2 Responses to “Oh Look…More Common Ground…”

  1. Bob C Says:

    WOW! All that money, all those zeros piling up that pepsi gave to fight Prep h8!
     It doesn’t even come close to the 24 million that the Mormons pitched in to pass the damned thing.
    And I always wonder, I have to wonder….what IS their agenda? What IS going through their minds when they concoct these things?
    Sure, a lot of it is just old fashioned bigotry and the need for a scapegoat to hate.
    But these things just go far beyond that.
    What is the political agenda? What do they really have to gain? Is it just to break open the piggy-banks of the pew-warmers that they’ve fear-mongered with the hellfire and brimstone of the evil Gay menace? Could it REALLY be so simple as being all about money?
    Sure Karl Rove didn’t invent that kind of mad-scientist politics of scaring people into the neo-con-rep voting booths with the spector of a Pink Planet. It goes back to Reagan as far as it really entering the public domain in politics…..coinciding with many of us running back into the closet….but only to drag out our best party-dresses and Hawiaan shirts. It gets votes. It gets the kook-pews empty long enough to run in a sweating hair-tearing frightened frenzy to vote for the politician that will save their families.
    Well, whatever. When has a christian supremacist boycott of ANYTHING actually made a den’t in the marketplace?
    At one point, long ago, the Phelps WERE actually able to hurt the businesses that they picketed…..people just didn’t want to deal with passing the Phelps, and others believed that a business was tainted by AIDS-carrying sinners. BUT, things changed as Phelps pissed more and more people off: If Phelps is picketing your place of business, then business actually picks up as people go out of their way to eat, or buy there just to spite Phelps.
    I’d like to teach the Pepsi generation to sing. And let them drink their holy water. (Or purple kool aid)

  2. Bruce Says:

    The AFA Boycotts are PR stunts.  They pick what they think is the low hanging fruit and then when it agrees to do the minimal amount to get in their good graces they declare victory.  Ford didn’t agree to stop advertising in Gay publications, they pulled back all their advertising.  But Volvo, now a Ford subsidiary, still places ads in the Gay press.  McDonald’s didn’t agree to pull out of the Gay Chamber of Commerce, they were never a corporate sponsor to begin with.  Their VP of communications joined, and then left for a better position in the company in Canada.  The Gay Chamber of Commerce is a U.S. organization.  You can argue that McDonalds was being a tad evasive in all this…but that only proves my point.  The company might not have liked the AFA boycott, but they didn’t renounce anything, including their same sex partner benefits.  And the AFA’s boycott of Disney sure went swimmingly well.

    I think it’s about this now, more then anything else.  They need their base to keep giving them money.  So they need to show some kind of results.  Even if they’re just spin.   The one good thing about the bad economic times now and ahead, is that these hate groups are going to be getting a lot less money.

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