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Picture of Bruce Who I am:

Software Engineer for the Space Telescope Science Institute, at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland. Self-educated artist and craftsperson. Fledgling home owner. My inclination is to see for myself and make what I need.

Who I've been:
  • Your usual High School hamburger flipper
  • School cartoonist, artist, occasional trouble maker.
  • Stock boy in a mental hospital.
  • Road crew for a rhythm & blues band.
  • Freelance photographer.
  • Downtown courier.
  • Woodworker in a custom speaker shop.
  • Architectural Modelmaker.
Photo circa 1960...growing up in Chillum, Maryland...

Bruce at 16 What I am:

Gay Anglo male of mixed European descent (English, Irish, Scottish, German). Somewhat average build. Not Muscular. Deep set gray-blue eyes, long brown hair. Fair complexion, moderate body hair. 5' 9"; 150lbs; 0k bullshit buffer.

Easily Entranced By:
  • Long Haired Boys
  • Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Vaughan-Williams, Glenn Miller, Pink Floyd, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams
  • Frederic Church Paintings
  • Lightning
  • Max Fleischer, Tex Avery and Bob Clampett Cartoons
  • Explosives
  • Lamborginis, 50s American Automobiles, Harleys
  • Sunsets, Stars...
  • Birds (particularly Owls...)
Photo circa 16 in High School art class, with a constant companion.

Items Guarantied To Arouse Displeasure:

Some Books He would Take With Him To A Desert Island:

Bruce at 37
Things Best Left Unsaid:
  • "Have you met Jesus?"
  • "Check out the tits on that babe over there..."
  • "Hello, am I speaking to Mr. Bruce Garrett..?"
  • "Is the network down?"
  • "Did you watch Survivor yesterday?"
  • "Try searching their Knowledge Base..."
  • "Love the sinner..."
  • "What's your sign?"
  • "Gore would have been just as bad..."

Artifacts found in the habitat:
  • Video tapes of old Republic serials, Max Fleischer cartoons and assorted PBS programs.
  • Four homemade computers next to a carefully restored typewriter
  • Assorted 30s to 50s kitchen appliances
  • Charcoal & ink drawings and oil paintings in various stages of finish
  • A Mont Blanc 149 and Parker Duofold, one of which is usually in my shirt pocket
  • An abstract metal sculpture of a streaking fireball titled "Skylab"
  • A cookie jar...full surprisingly...
  • A sign on the wall that says "Angry Candy"
Photo circa 1993...late 30s, still thin as a rail
...but not for long...

Primary Skill Set:
Unresolved Issues:
Favorite Sex Act:
Did you scan to this item first?

At The Drafting Table

Where I've been:
  • Laying with a friend in the tall grass, stunned by a touch...
  • Quickly washing my face and bandaging my hands before mom finds out I was in another fight.
  • The end of an unemployment line, watching my companion's faces; surprised, resigned, angry, cheerful, stoic, afraid.
  • In the principal's office where I'd been sent by a teacher who, after telling me I couldn't check out a library book because I was too young to understand it, found out I knew a good many more words then she'd supposed...
  • Alone in my room with the lights out, sitting on the bed listening to my heart beating, immobilized by grief...
  • Watching for meteors in the desert, staring at clouds in the sky that were not clouds at all but immense shoals of stars...
Busy at my drafting table working on a cartoon for the web site. Except I don't use my dip pens much anymore.

Where I go:

What I am looking for:

Me Today


Some people lurk silently on line...some people speak their mind and damn the torpedos. I do a lot of both. Computer communication technology has fascinated me since I had my first Commodore C=64. As a Gay man, I've found this technology particularly beneficial. By allowing us to reach out to one another directly, regardless of how isolated our individual circumstances might be, we can see ourselves clearly as human beings, and not strange, alien Others. We are no longer forced to view ourselves through the eyes of heterosexuals, a subtle fact the majority still hasn't figured out yet.

Ocassionally I'll take something I've posted on line and develop it further. Most of these pieces have appeared in varous on line forums.

Fiction and Stuff

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