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December 22, 2005_to January 13, 2006 Adding It All Up; Slacktivist, And The Anti Huck Finn; Probably Saved My Friggin’ Life; It’s That Wonderful Time Of The Year…; Journalisming Is Hard Work; Adventures In Home Ownership…When Your House Raids The Bank Account; This Year I…; The Devil Among Us; Boy…There Really Is A Lot Less To You Nowadays Then There Used To Be…Isn’t There? For All Those Who Think Aging Hippies Are Such Free Spirits; You Know It’s Really Bad When Even Your Fellow Republicans Think You’re Too Corrupt To Be In A Leadership Position; That Sound Of Chains Rattling In The Night; Why I Will Probably Never Make Much Doing Political Cartoons; No Kidding; Loving The Sinner…(continued); Okay…We’ll Just Outlaw Sex Altogether Then.
November 30 to December 21, 2005 Of No Social Or Moral Value; Of Course It Couldn’t Be Because We’re Telling People Not To Use Condoms; That’ll Keep The kids Safe; Why Gay Pride Matters; Adventures In Home Ownership: That Bang You Hear When You Flip The Light Switch; Male Homosexual Behavior Is A Social Negative. But Hey, Post Pubescent Girls Are Damn Hot Little Babes, Aren’t They Guys? Do Unto Others, Just Not Unto Us; Evolution At Work; The Party Of Nixon; Where Appeasing Bigots Is Job #1; Secrecy Is The Beginning Of…What Was That Again…? Freight; The Telling Aside; Mission Accomplished; We Value All People. Now Get Back In The Closet; Ford Takes A Stand; Poor Little Fella; Why We Fight…(continued); He Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good…Tra, La, La… Meanwhile, Back At The John Smid Clean Shaven Manly Men’s Volleyball Club…
November 5 to November 29 The Traditional Values Of Child Abusers; Deep Thinkers; Witch Hunt; Getting Over It; Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin…(continued); Good Election News; From Skywatcher To The Photon Cleric; Great Moments In Conservative Virtue Trading Card Series (Collect Them All!); From Now On, Only Atheists Will Write Stories About Religion; Those Wacky Heterosexuals…(continued); Blogs…I Just Don’t Get Them; Sex! Sex! Lock And Load; Not Exactly Your Boy Scout Handbook; Can You Draw The Pirate? Stumbling Dazedly Into The Cult Of Steve; Now Why Would Anyone Think That? Missing From The Story; Heroes Of The Culture War Trading Card Series…Collect Them All!
October 11 to November 2, 2005 National Coming Out Day; You Knew What He Was When You Voted For Him; It’s A Big World Ritch…Take A Look At It Sometime; Yay! The Rash; Well This Comes As A Complete Surprise; Weekend with Peterson Toscano; Those Wacky Heterosexuals…(continued); Leadership; I’m Not Gay! Return Of The Question; A Little Fuzzy On The Meaning Of The Word ‘Progressive’; Now About That Commuter Tax; A Closed Minded Self Centered Bore; Coming Out; Uhm…yeah…; So Just Who Do You Think You’re Kidding Anyway…?
September 7_to October 9, 2005 What Matters To The Bush Clan; Sewer Overflow; American Nero; I’m Not Gay! What I Think Of Christian Rock; Hey…Genius…; License Please…; Artwork By Howard Cruse; We’re All People Of God Here; On The Road; Topeka; That Sound Of Fate Knocking At Your Door; In California; The Saga Continues; A Rather Stunning Discovery; Try The Other Lane; Back Home
August 25 to September 5, 2005 Sorry. No…Really…; Summer’s End; Free Z – Close The Straight Camps; Oh…Now They Notice; Crying For New Orleans; Jackass; Tales From George Bush’s America…(continued); He Had The Only Qualification That Mattered…He Was A Friend Of A Friend Of Junior’s; Wow..; They Say The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Very Far From The Tree…
July 22 to August 24, 2005 What Fundamentalists Would Turn America Into In A Heartbeat If They Could; Victims; Memphis; Waving A Rainbow Flag While Walking Down An Interstate Full Of Cars With Radios Tuned To Jerry Falwell’s Old Time Gospel Hour; Okay…Now I Don’t Feel So Bad; Off To Memphis; Absence; Seeing The World Through Eyes Not Your Own; What It Reveals Is Suggestive, But What It Conceals Is Vital; Comforting Thoughts; Why I Hate Syndicates; The American Psychiatric Association Takes A Stand; Brainwashed No More; In Crackpot Land, All Theories Are Equally Valid, Because They’re All Equally Idiotic; Dumped! Priceless! Punch It! Hey…You Can’t Live There…That Neighborhood’s For Families.
July 1 to July 21, 2005 …Gave Proof Through The Night; The Razor’s Edge Of Fascism; In Their Own Words…(continued); Spread The Word; Free Z; The Break Bin Laden Got; Cards; Maybe We Need To Stop Calling It The Bible Belt; Vampire Love; Not Eaten Yet; Well…He Can’t Plead For His Family’s Privacy Now; The Gay Co-Founder Of Love In Action Speaks Out; 30 is it? Gender Norms Re-enforcement Division; Zach’s Story Makes The New York Times; Obscure Film References; The Difference Between The United States And Other Industrial Nations
June 23 to June 30, 2005 In Their Own Words…(continued); Finally… someone in charge starts paying attention; ‘m Writing You Up For Being A Heathen; If God Didn’t Want Us To Lie, He Wouldn’t Have Given Us Mouths; When I Knew; Night Out With The Boys; Tennessee Child Protective Services Punts; Love It! Okay…Now I Know Why The Cowboys Had All Those Homoerotic Overtones To It; Marriage and Freedom; Spain Goes With Freedom; Fundamentalists And Their Offerings.
June 15 to June 23, 2005 If They Don’t Resist, It Means They Want It; A Wee Controversy; The Ex-Gay Myth; Ouch! Digging In; To A Gay Teen; "Love" Isn’t The Only Fraudulent Thing We Peddle; Band Of Brothers And Sisters; Church In The Living Room; Solace In Knowing That Others Have Been Here Before Me; Fake Faith; Motivation; False Images; In Their Own Words; How It Works…(continued); Those Trivial Little Things You Happen Across…That Keep You Awake Nights; There Are Five Lights.
June 8 to June 14, 2005 Ya Think? If A Stranger Makes Someone’s Teenage Kid Take Their Underwear Off They Could Face Life Behind Bars…But If The Stranger Runs An Ex-Gay Ministry And The Kid Is Gay; Mail…I Get Mail…; Well This Certainly Looks Safe To Me; Yes, My Father Was A Decent Man. And You’d Never Know It To Look At Me Would You? Action Coalition; How It’s Done; Lynching Laws, Congressional Apologies, And Hate Apologists; The Delicate Flavor Of Cult; And Speaking Of Cults And Their Family Values; Disturbing.
May 20 to June 8, 2005 The Governor Who Waged A Smear Campaign About The Mayor Of Baltimore’s Marriage, Stands Up For The Sanctity Of Marriage; Slouching Toward Dachau; They Decided; Sign; Where Knowledge Is The Enemy, Every Book Is Dangerous; Tales From The American Theocracy; Sex Is One Of This Life’s Great Joys…So Let’s Make Sure The Commoners Don’t Get Any; See? See? Denal IS A River In Egypt; Newsweek Got It All Wrong…We Didn’t Flush The Prisoner’s Koran Down A Toilet. We Merely Pissed On It. Newsweek Should Apologize Immediately; Traffic Sign, On The Road To History’s Landfill; Another Gay Teen Abused.
May 7 to May 19, 2005 A Brief History Of The Anti-Gay Agenda; The War Of Northern Aggression, And Other Horseshit Slogans; I Laugh; Gosh…You Guys Were So Brave When Clinton Was President; The President Never Said That…And Even If He Did He Didn’t; Why Cowards Shouldn’t Try To Make Films About Alexander The Great; Not Gay, Just Homosexual; Evolution’s Blackboard; A Free Press Is One Where It’s Okay To State The Conclusion You’re Led To By The Evidence; From Our Department Of Very Unsurprising Things
April 20 to May 7, 2005 And Speaking Of Those High Church Hypocrits That Christ Was Always Going On About; The Religious Right Loves Israel…It’s Only Jews They Can’t Stand; Meanwhile…Back At The Splendid Little War; Unbelievable; Despicable; Sensitivity; Having A ‘B’ Movie Moment; The Bad News Is That I’ve Tested Positive For Anthrax. The Good News Is That My IQ Test Came Back Negative; We Reject Your Giving Credit For Our Position To That Other Guy; Department Of The Utterly Clueless; Blessed Are The Venal; I Prefer The Term Cafeteria Christian Myself. Of Course, The Food Is Still Pretty Bland; Vaporware
March 30 to April 19, 2005 The Hunger For Strange Fruit; Department Of Hoary Rhetoric; In Which Our Seventeen Year Old Hero Investigates The Dark Underbelly Of Adulthood In Suburban Washington D.C., Circa 1971; Culture Of Lies; How The Republican Lie Machine Works; It’s A Beautiful Place…Just A Lot Of Ugly People In It…; Finally…A Car Radio I Can Listen To…; Applause! Signature Maneuver; Not Quite Clear On The Concept; Scary Steven King Dreams
February 19 to March 29, 2005 That New Car Smell; Well…It’s Certainly Not My Pinto; A Wee Drive In The Country; New Car Love; Department Of Free Advice; Republicans Say The Darndest Things; Belly Flopping Into The Fascism Pool; Trolling In The Sewer Of Virtue; Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up. Oh…You All Are…; Like A Bad Car Advertisment; The Terminal Man’s Orgasm; Eating The Elderly Is A Family Value; Quick…Find Me A Reason For Making The Decision I’m Making; The Hedonist Within; The Moral Crusade; Fox News Democrats; Comrade Horowitz Says Report Political Deviancy At Your College To Party Headquarters; The Difference Between Fundamentalism And Science; How To Piss Off A Bishop; Well, What A Surprise Seeing You Here; Confused? You’re Damn Right I Was Confused…; Notes From The Culture Of Life.
January 2, to February 18, 2005 Slouching Toward My Lai; What Does This Man Bring To The Times That A Black Velvet Painting Of Dogs Playing Cards Wouldn’t; And Speaking Of Short Life Spans;Coming Next Week: Part One of The Protocols Of The Elders Of The Castro…; Major Geek Alert; Lecture Us Some More On Moral Values, Why Don’t You; President Caligula; Accountability; Dancing With The Stars; How Dare You Bring Facts Into This; Smells Like…Like…Victory…; Now I Know Why That First Moses Wine Story Seemed So Lame; You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught; Natural Allies, Against Liberty And Justice; Well If Jesus Didn’t Say It, He Should Have; Hasselblad! Another Mission Accomplished Moment; The Closet Is A Lie; Feh. Dancing To Oblivion With George; Perhaps One Of Those Nice Creationist Publishers Can Help You Out; Welcome Back To Liesville Ari; Those Little Slice Of Life Stories That Blogs Were Always Supposed To Be About.
November 17 to December 20, 2004 A Life To Live; The McKinney And Henderson Award; Living Large On Other People’s Money Is The Story Of His Life; Buy Blue; The Liberal (sic) Argument Against Same Sex Marriage; Child, God May Have Given You A Brain, But We’ll Make Sure That You Can’t Do Anything With It; Cameras Don’t Play It Straight Down The Middle; A Thanksgiving Middle Finger From The Religious Right; Beyond Despicable; We Don’t Need No Steekin Rule Of Law; The Moral Values Of Pigs; Truth; Franklin Graham Comes Out For Theocracy; As An Alternative, We Could Just Not Teach Them To Read; We Have Met The Communists, And They Are Us; Tea With Marx And Lenin, In The Trashcan Of History; Suffocating Your Friends And Neighbors In A Closet; Doubletalking For Values; All Your Holidays Are Belong To Us; Oh, Are You Still Here Rich? Reasons To Keep Your Vacation Plans Flexible; I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That Dave
October 12 to November 16, 2004 To All The Homophobes Who Ever Used Word Perfect…; Holocaust Deniers Like Us;A Boys’ First Trips Into Space; The Cheap And Tawdry Republican Book Club; How Cheats Think; Wolves; Joining The Cult Of Steve Jobs; GOP Voter Suppression; What Gay People Are To Republicans; Because Bullshit Is Our Business; The News From America Is Bad; Comes The Dawn; A Little Perspective; Who Is Paying For The Assault On Homosexuals; No Extended Hand…No Starting Over…No Breaks…; I Got Your Mandate Right Here; Liberal, Verses Bible Belt Values; What Is A Friend; Those Wacky Tax And Spend Southern Conservatives; Nineteen, And In Iraq; We Resent You, Because Resentment Is The Only Value We’ve Ever Had; Picking My Brain; Tanks On The Streets Of America; Bastards; Slouching Toward My Lai; The McKinney And Henderson Award
July 16 to October 9, 2004 Hate; Soundtrack To The Neoconservative Dream; The Bomber’s Brother; Sea Of Tranquility; The Uncase Against Same-Sex Marriage; The Other Reason Some Gay Americans Vote Republican; Tales Of The Liberal News Media; Homosexuals Want To Cut Off Our Heads; Art And Obscenity; Stressed; Alive; The Amateur Photographer As Terrorist Suspect; Where Do I Send The Good Riddance Card?; Oh…You Always Get The Jesus Piece; Sing For Me, You Angel Voiced Pervert; The Soul Of The Republican Party; It Turns Out Genocide Plays Well With The Base; Road Dream; Followed By A Rainbow; Searching For The Fading Tracks Of Other Travelers; Kayenta Break Time;It’s Not About Hate…Oh What The Hell…Yes It Is…; God Being Easy To Fool Like That…;A Brief Glance Into The Pit; Sweet Land Of Torture
April 7 to July 15, 2004 Well there went my Cyber Sitter rating; Mistaken For Spam; What The World Will Lose When Hubble Is Gone; I Detect A Pattern Here; America…Not All That Hard To Understand; Another Reason To Hate Spam; Yes Senator…They Are Working For The RNC; "This is the most lawless administration I’ve encountered"; Slouching Toward The Stone Age; Desecrating The Grave Of Edward R. Murrow…(Continued); In A Free Iraq, Soldiers Will No Longer Rape Iraqi Prisoners…We’ll Use Contractors Instead; Loosing Count Of All The Lies; Good Morning, Red Eyed; Clueless Liberals; Skin; Unbridled Lust In Plain View Of Children; We’re Not Self Hating Homosexuals; In Its Own Way, Fitting; Larry Kramer Has The Conscience You Don’t Steve; Why Even Gay Radicals Have To Fight For Same Sex Marriage; Culture Of Rape; Our Feckless News Media; The Don’t Question Authority Party; A Friend Isn’t Someone Who Steals Your Wedding Ring And Sells It For Money To Finance His Political Career…
January 1 to April 7, 2004 The Fight To Protect Marriage; Just When You Start Thinking He’s Got A Brain And Knows How To Use It; The Big Government Party; The Mysterious Ways Of White People With Little Slips Of Paper; Secrecy Is The Beginning Of…What Was That Again; To Infinity And Beyond; Meanwhile…Back In The Occupied Territories…; Cut From A Single Cloth; Of Course, He’ll Tell Us If There’s Anything We Need To Know…Won’t He? The End Of An Era; No…Daddy’s Not A Prisoner…He’s An Associate; Sudden Death On The Streets Of Baltimore; The Coming Brain Drain; I’m Not A Bigot, You Menace To Little Children Everywhere You; Slouching Toward The Stone Age; George Bush Isn’t A Gay Basher…Just The People He Appoints; Upcoming Issues Will Feature Jack Chick As Our Guest Artist; Clarity; Baptist != Bigot; Next I Suppose You’ll Be Saying Witches Should Be Left Alone Too; Bigot Pornography; Never Again? The Home Front; Satire Is Officially Dead; Nice Tent. Maybe Someday They’ll Let You In…
November 15 to December 26, 2003 Remember How, In The Old Soviet Union, You Always Knew How Badly Things Were Going For Them, By How Good The News Was Coming Out Of There; Shame Is For Bleeding Heart Liberals And Democrats; Michael Kinsley Gets His Spine Back; Clawing My Way To Linuxville; When The Bully Is The Teacher; What Jacob Bronowski Called The Light, In Which The Outlines Of Good And Evil Can Be Seen In Frightful Clarity; On The Other Hand, Maybe It Is The End Of The World; South Carolina Andrew; As A Matter Of Character; Al Capone Would Have Called What Happened To Him Judicial Tyranny Too; Le Dance Pathetique…; Art Geek…Computer Geek…Kitchen Geek…; Bigot Nostalgia; Still Missing You; Let Me Guess…They’re Worried About Russian Corruption Too; How much??? Intellectual Integrity Does Not Permit The Teaching Of Tolerance Without Also Teaching Hate; When All Else Fails, Stand By Your Principles; Holiday Cheer Is A Liberal Conspiracy
September 17 to November 15, 2003 Waiting For Isabel; Hurricane Sky; Neighborhood Storm Party; Hurricane Season Can End Now…Okay…; Still Think There’s A Bottom Here Do You; Did They Really Do That; Clear On The Concept; Vindictive? Us?? Why It Happened; Selling Out America; Clawing My Way To Linuxville…; God Damn…The Pusher…; Good Thing The Unity Council Is There To Put A Stop To This Sort Of Thing; And Don’t Even Try To Tell Me This Was A Mere Coincidence; Florida…Texas…California…; Liars, Damn Liars, And True Believers; An Obvious Riff; No, ‘The Bible Says It, I Believe It’, Does Not Settle It; Civility Is When I Spit In Your Face And You Just Smile Take It; When Mammon Becomes God; Dubya Says The Reality Check Is In The Mail; Who Defiled The Sanctuary; The Difference Between Liberators And Occupiers; How They Play The Game; Signs That Hate Has Driven You Crazy; Northern Light; Fair And Balanced Means You Spin It Our Way; In Charge, But Not Responsible; Restless Feet Weekend
May 23 to September 18, 2003 Escaping The Gravity Of Home; Burning Man Says Buy Your Next New Or Used Car Here; Amazing Space; Waiting For The Talking Feather; Magnetic West; California Sensory Overload; What Sex Is For; I Never Thought I’d Live To See This Day; Why, Some Of My Best Friends Are…; Morality; Next Thing You Know, They’ll Say States Can’t Stop People From Buying Contraceptives; Department Of Airing Pet Peeves; What Ninth Amendment; You’re Off Message Comrade; Lie…Repeat; Loyalty To Bush First…To America Second…; The Subway Less Travelled; Michael Ramirez Gets A Knock At The Door; Nixon’s Revenge; There Isn’t A Homophobic Bone In My Body; Familiar Fingerprints; How Can We Have A Discussion About You When You Keep Interrupting; Clawing My Way To Linuxville; We’re Christians…We Just Happen To Disagree With Christ; Devaluing Marriage; Gene Robinson, And The Unforgivable Sin; Burquas For Men; Reading Cato’s Making Sense of Electricity Deregulation With A Flashlight; Separating The Kids From The Pit Bulls Is Not The Answer…Throwing Them To The Pit Bulls Is; Can We Run Their Photo Next To Livestock For Sale; Waiting For Isabel
March 26 to May 23, 2003 That Cold Slap In The Face That Wakes You Up; Mark and Josh; The Parasites of virtue; Slouching Toward My Lai; Stories From George Bush’s America; This Week With Karl Rove; That Sickening Sound Of Large Metal Objects Colliding; Andrew Sullivan has a David Brock Moment; Am I A Homeowner Now; A Chill Wind Blows; The Assault On Science; Pardon My Suspicions; Why Do They Hate America; Further Evidence Of The Decline In American Education; Heartbreaking; The Jihad At Home; Memo From The Ministry Of Truth; We love our gay neighbors…felons that should be locked up for the good of the community though they are; National Make Fun of Dick Cheney Day;
January 21 to March 25, 2003 Quick…Get That One A Blog; No…It’s Not A Routine Thing; Icarus Rose; Minnesota Homophobes Go For It; All The Myriad Googles; Desecrating The Grave Of Edward R. Murrow; The End Of NATO; Dick and Jerry; Baltimore’s Somewhere Under This Snow I Just Know It; Quick…Somebody Call The Unity Council…; Hopeful Signs; The War On Dissent; More Enchanting Then A Toy Catalogue; Love Survives; The Winds of Kayenta; Your White House Press In Action; Arkansas Teen Outed By His High School, Forced To Read Bible; The Forgone Conclusion; Notes From George Bush’s America; "The war will be over by then."; Things That Make You Go, Oh My God…
November 19, 2002 to January 15, 2003 The conscience of the gay hating right, those gay friendly republicans, assorted lighthearted holiday diversions, South Of The Border, a visit to Hilton Head, I will not call Keith – oh what the heck – I will call Keith, a puzzlement, why the darkness hates the candle, the hangman’s friend.
October 12 to November 18, 2002 Geek alert, the Washington sniper, too much testosterone man, the gun thing, Mr. Thompson feels the recession is not producing an adequate number of underaged prostitutes, Andrew Sullivan joins the Washington Times, bless you Jacob Bronowski, the pentagon prioritizes threats, those wacky non-homophobic Republicans, the news from Washington, Republicans first – Americans second, a rethinking of this web log.
September 6 to October 11, 2002 John Silber is not hostile to any particular gender orientation, the joy of birds, gratuitous anti-gay hate in Utica, N.Y., a fatal fire in my neighborhood, now I’ll come to the Florida sunshine tree, Captain Bare Conscience, eeek a breast, we don’t need no steenkin privatization, on the bright side we’ve still got plenty of duck and cover brochures, my most romantic moment, those wacky moderates, meanwhile back in the 1950s, signs of the economic weather, my old neighborhood bleeds, the Linux thing, the gun thing.
July 29 to September 5, 2002 Amtrak derailment in my old neighborhood, never argue about religion with a drunk holding a shotgun, why life is good, I never called you a Marxist you Marxist, Roosevelt’s wheelchair, no sex please, greetings from Hallmark Cards, Bill Mauldin, the dangers of heavy petting, homosexuals made me sell my soul to the devil, scraping your flesh with razors, flea markets and Jesus, the Gay Mafia made us do it.
May 4 to July 29, 2002 Oh yes…he’s a dirty rotten bastard…but aren’t we all, swimming in advertising, Conscience Undetectable, what do you mean I can’t take my GOD HATES FAGS sign in there, adventures in a period of negotiation, Bush family history, sentence first – verdict after, Let’s Roll…not, the low sound of long haired boys, Sullivan’s allegiance, militant homosexual agenda, Tales Of The Clueless – New York, Tales Of The Clueless – Afghanistan, where is the gay Casablanca, a road trip through the American Southwest including: tornados in Kansas, rock formations in Mexican Hat, Monument Valley, internet connectivity in Navajoland, the grandfather of cactus, wandering dust devils, beggars in Flagstaff, beautiful salt flats, the UFO museum and research institute and musical review, and many fine establishments selling genuine indian cold beer firecrackers and phone cards.
January 15 to April 29, 2002 Bower birds and artists, murder in my back yard, first snow storm at my new house, Burt gets thrown out and stays with me, notes on roommates, human male territorial imperative, Hubble data suggests the expansion of the universe is accelerating, one for the comedy writers, putting mom’s name in the family bible, my first PalmPC, working with GIMP, the urban jungle, my old neighborhood becomes boutique shop hell, getting fed up with Andrew Sullivan, barely a mention in Moore’s book, Sullivan smears a rabbi, the art geek fights with the computer geek and it’s not pretty, lapburt, talking with mom on the cellphone in my dreams, David Low.
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