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July 8, 2002

News Item:
Head Of The Log Cabin Republicans Of Hawaii Bashes Gays.

In a colum for the Hawaii Reporter, the head of the Hawaii Log Cabin Republicans, Jeffrey Bingham Mead, declared the 2002 Gay Pride Parade held in Waikiki, a gathering of "under-made, over-made, totally unmade drag queens and dysfunctional trailer-park activists, whose bloated egos and delusions of political self-importance could fill Diamond Head crater a few times over, parade one of the greatest con jobs on the people and the politicians of this state."

The theme of the 2002 Pride Parade, "Together We Stand Strong," should, according to Mead, have really been "Together we stand stupid, obnoxious, offensive, repulsive, and who-cares-anyway-because-we'll-get-away-with-it- and-if-you-question-it-we'll-get-in-your-face, understand?" Mead said that the parade was organized by "over-the-hill 1970s activists who have not yet come to grips with the fact that the 1970s are over", who want chants and bullhorns and "in-your-face tacky drag queen outfits." The parade, according to Mead, catered to the "lowest uncommon fetish-oriented-and-flaunted denominator."

Mead's column was published days after a public debate held in New York City between liberal and conservative gay pundits, during which gay conservatives repeatedly stated that they are not intolerant of the diversity within the gay community.

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