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May 1, 2006

NEWS ITEM: Kraft Foods shareholders, at their 2006 annual meeted, regected a resolution, proposed by shareholder and sex abstinence advocate Marcella V. Meyer, that the company "hereby disassociate itself from the 2006 and all future so-called 'gay games', and that no future financial support be given for the 2006 'gay games' or any other future activities supporting, proselytizing, promoting or encouraging homosexual activity or life style." Included in her supporting arguments were statements that "Numerous studies have linked homosexual activity to sexually transmitted diseases", that "The gay community is a major contributor to the spread of STD illness", that "young people are likely to experiment with homosexual behavior" as a result of the Gay Games, and that the company may "at some future date be found to be complicit and legally liable in a case in which a young attendee at the 'gay games' decides to experiment with homosexual encounters and later develops a serious, even fatal, illness".

The vote was 99 percent against.

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