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April 22, 2002

News Item:
Iowa School Board Rejects Non-Discrimination Rule. Gay Student Has Tire Bolts Loosened.

The Gilbert School Board rejected calls to add sexual orientation to their non-discrimination rule, after a gay student complained of repeated episodes of harassment on campus. The Student's car was vandalized, with his tires being slashed on several occasions, and on one his lug nuts were loosened.

School officials instead suggested that the student park his car in a more visible area, and said expanding the policy wouldn't automatically create a safe environment. One board member, Marcia DeZonia, suggested that the student's car was not actually vandalized on campus at all, and said that the culture at Gilbert "is one of acceptance and respect for all our students."

After the board meeting, the student reported further harassment at school. Posters advocating tolerance and respect were torn down, and one was thrown in the student's face.

On advice from the school attorney, the school board offered no reward for information leading to the arrest of the vandals. Several Faculty members instead, contributed money to a reward fund. The vandals have not been caught.

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