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March 16, 2003

News Item:
Minnesota Republican Denies Gays Were Victims Of The Holocaust, Says His Bill Will Save America From Becoming "Another African Continent."

Minnesota State Representative Arlon Lindner, in defending his bill to eliminate penalties for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and to remove offical recognition of homosexuals as victims of the holocaust, asserted this week that homosexuals were not so much the victims of the holocaust, as it's architects, and said that his bill would save America from becoming "another African continent."

Alleging that "the main gay participants in the Holocaust were Nazi concentration camp guards," Lindner suggested that homosexuality helped lead to World War II. Lindner said he bases his accusations on "The Pink Swastika," a book published by Abiding Truth Ministries, a right wing fundamentalist group that asserts gays were responsible for the rise of Hitler.

Observers familiar with Lindner's previous comments about homosexuality (Lindner once said that same sex marriages were the equivalent of someone wanting to marry their dog) were appalled by his latest outbursts. State republicans have however, come to Lindner's defense, saying they support his right to free speech, and accusing democrats of abusing parlementary rules to attack Lindner.

A group of Minnesota legislators have filed an official protest against Lindner.

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