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February 6, 2006

On Thursday February 2, an eighteen year old named Jacob Robida walked calmly into Puzzles, a bar in New Bedford Massachusetts. He asked for a drink, then asked if it was a gay bar. It was. Several minutes later Robida pulled out a hatchet and began attacking the patrons. When several patrons tried to subdue him, he pulled out a gun and began shooting.

Several days later, after killing Arkansas police officer Jim Sell, and according to initial reports his companion, Jennifer Rena Bailey, Robida was himself killed by police gunfire.

A search of Robida's home turned up Nazi and anti-semetic hate literature. Robida's friends have told reporters they knew of his Nazi preoccupation, but didn't think he harbored any hatred toward anyone.

Massachusetts is the only state in the Union that permits same sex marriage, and ever since gay and lesbian couples won equal access to marriage, republican politicians, conservative religious leaders and the Catholic church in Massachusetts, have waged a vitriolic campaign to make marriage once more a purely heterosexual perogative, painting homosexuals as a dangerous threat to America, and same sex marriage as an attack on heterosexual families.

It has had its effect. In a recent issue of the Metro West Daily News, a letter to the editor reads:
Marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one woman and they produce children. It is "Adam and Eve," and not "Adam and Steve." Gays and lesbians cannot produce children so they cannot raise families. The Holy Bible makes it very clear that only traditional marriages are God's plan for humanity. God does not approve and He forbids same-sex marriages because they violate the rules of nature.

In fact, same-sex marriages pose an ominous threat to the traditional American family which is the very backbone of America, because without the traditional American family there is no hope for America.

God has already severely punished America for its tolerance of homosexuality, promiscuity and violating the holy Ten Commandments by inflicting AIDS, 9/11, terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina, etc. upon it. God will continue to wreak havoc upon America until Americans abandon their selfish materialism pursuit of wealth, power, and social status; worship of sports and movie stars; the epidemic of violence in society; the addiction to sexual perversion drugs and alcohol, etc. God bless America!

Two of Robida's victims have since left the hospital. The third is still in critical condition.

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