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December 5, 2005

In Indianapolis a group of nearly a dozen black pastors, without any visible sense of either history or irony, gathered in the Indianapolis City Council building last week to hold a prayer vigil where they called for divine intervention to same sex marriage, but a proposed law banning discrimination against gay people in employment, education, public accommodations, and housing. Separate water fountains for gays anyone?

Rev. Melvin Jackson of the ironically named Christian Love Missionary Baptist Church said that it was an offense to black people " be used - that the blood of our fathers and our own blood that was spilled on the pathways to civil rights should be used - as a lever to get legal license to make their [gay and lesbian people] own choices law."

In other news, in Alabama this week there were calls for gays to be added to that state's hate crimes law, following beatings of two gay men that left one in a coma and the other dead. More blood on the pathway to civil rights for all Americans, that a few ersatz men of god in Indianapolis last week couldn't be bothered to take notice of, as they walked over it.

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