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November 28, 2005

One day after a group strongly supported by Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley, submitted petitions for a referendum to amend the Massachusetts constitution to ban same sex marriage, O'Malley sent a letter to the parishes, calling for an end to prejudice against gays. As if relegating same sex couples to legal pergatory wasn't itself an act of prejudice.

In the letter, O'Malley said that he doesn't want gays to feel like the church discriminates against them. He says he wants gays to know that the church has no hostility toward them. And if you're wondering by now what kind of incense the Archbishop is smoking these days, you need to bear in mind that his words aren't directed at the gay people sitting in the pews, but the heterosexuals who might at this point be getting a little uncomfortable with what is happening. O'Malley's statement is meant to reassure them, not the gay catholics sitting next to them. It's the kind of calming patter people utter to each other while they're busy kicking their neighbors in the teeth...the sound of people reassuring each other that the heartless bigot they see in the bathroom mirror every morning isn't really them.

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