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Archive for March, 2011

March 23rd, 2011

How To Doubletalk The Mainstream News Media Like A Pro

[Posted over at Truth Wins Out…]

Alan Chambers speaks with CBS News Tech Talk:

Chambers: We’re being portrayed as group of people making judgments on peoples’ lives whereas I and thousands of others like me, who experienced same-sex attraction, are trying to live out our lives through the filter of our faith, not through the filter of our sexuality…

…he said, making a judgment not just on gay people (they live their lives through the filter of their sexuality), but also on gay Christians (they place a higher value on sex then they do their faith). Yes, yes…it’s all about sex with homosexuals, isn’t it, Alan.

You manipulated Cooper so deftly there. I’m impressed. That what years of talking parents into throwing their gay kids into your soul grinder has done for you?

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on How To Doubletalk The Mainstream News Media Like A Pro

Obviously We Oppose Violence Toward You… Provided You Go to Jail Quietly

[Posted over at Truth Wins Out…]

Understand this one thing if you understand nothing else: It isn’t just about marriage…

FRC Outraged That US Opposes The Criminalization Of Homosexuality

On Monday, the State Department issued a joint statement in the UN’s Human Rights Council opposing the criminalization of homosexuality. Currently, well over 70 countries impose criminal penalties for gays and lesbians, and the statement has the support of 84 countries. According to the Family Research Council, however, the US is committing a great injustice by condemning the criminalization of people because of their sexual orientation. The FRC dubs it “Operation International Tolerance,” complete with a picture of Obama wearing a rainbow helmet

And here comes the double-speak…

Obviously, FRC believes that homosexuals and transgenders shouldn’t be subjected to violence. But this resolution goes well beyond that to endorsing a behavior that dozens of member nations oppose. No binding document of international law has ever recognized a universal “human right” to engage in sex with a person of the same gender. And although even the U.N. admits that “resolutions” like this one “aren’t legally binding,” they do help to create a legal norm.

[Emphasis mine] As though rounding up gay people and locking them behind bars isn’t an intrinsically violent act. But pay attention to that business about legal norms. In his 1990 essay The Hypocrites of Homosexualty Orson Scott Card acknowledges what most other right wing culture warriors only soft peddle in public: that sodomy laws exist mainly to create a climate of fear among gay people…

Laws against homosexual behavior should remain on the books, not to be indiscriminately enforced against anyone who happens to be caught violating them, but to be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society’s regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens within that society.

The goal of the polity is not to put homosexuals in jail. The goal is to discourage people from engaging in homosexual practices in the first place…

This can’t be emphasized enough: right wing culture warriors really do want homosexuality criminalized. This fight isn’t just about marriage, hospital visitation rights, the ability of gay Americans to hold down a job, get a professional license, or walk into a restaurant and expect the same service anyone else gets. It’s about fear. Gay people must be afraid. Every minute of every day, we must be afraid. And we are not. And that makes them angry. They are angry that we can live our lives openly, that we don’t have to worry about being turned into the police by some neighbor or co-worker with a grudge and get thrown in jail. They hate it that we don’t have to be afraid.

Because a fearful homosexual is a good homosexual. A fearful homosexual isn’t merely one who does not agitate for civil rights. We must be afraid just to live our lives openly. The closet must be our world. It must go back to this, all over again:

“If only we didn’t hate ourselves so much…if only we could just not hate ourselves quite so very much…” -Michael, The Boys In The Band

We must hate ourselves, at least as much if not more then they hate us. Because then we will never know the one thing we must never be allowed to know: what it is to be loved, and to love another… wholeheartedly… joyfully… body and soul.

Because love stays the course. Because love can move mountains. Because the one thing you never want the scapegoat to be able to do, is move mountains.

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on Obviously We Oppose Violence Toward You… Provided You Go to Jail Quietly

The Friend Of My Enemy Is My Enemy…

[Posted over at Truth Wins Out…]

The PR boilerplate from the Mormon church is you can be gay and still be a member in good standing, provided you are celibate. But…no…

Man Fired from LDS Church For Refusing to Give Up Gay Friends

Drew Call, 32, a returned missionary who is gay, was a supervisor in the church’s printing department until March 7. At a February private meeting with his Salt Lake City stake president—who declined to be interviewed—Call says he was asked to abandon his gay friends as a condition for renewal of his temple recommend. Surprised and fearing people may not believe him, Call surreptitiously made an audio recording of the follow-up meeting in March so there could be no doubt about what happened.

…The recording makes clear that Call’s association with gay people was the problem.

Call is gay, but celibate as the church (sic) requires. His sexuality wasn’t the issue here…it was his gay friends.

On the recording, the stake president expresses concerns that Call recently had taken his daughters to “gay bingo,” a monthly charitable fundraiser hosted by the Utah Pride Center and the drag/comedy troupe Utah Cyber Sluts. “I think it’s inappropriate to take children, and I really think it’s inappropriate for you to go, myself, to this gay bingo,” the stake president says on the recording. Later, the stake president says of the gay community, “They are conducting themselves in a manner that is definitely in opposition to teaching and practices of the gospel. I’ve talked to you about this, about your association with [gay people]. Last time you left here, you were willing to give up your four, or so, individuals.” Call responded that he’d thought about it, but wasn’t willing to give up his gay friends after all.

To receive or maintain a temple recommend, Mormons must answer certain standardized questions. The stake president says on the recording that the question Call could not answer honestly asks, “do you support, affiliate with or agree with any group or individuals whose teaching or practices are contrary to or opposed to those accepted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?” The stake president goes on to say that that question applies to Call’s gay friends “because of the moral decay that is going in the world and that’s part of it. The church opposes the relationship between a man and a man and a woman and a woman, and you’re associating with those individuals. I don’t know how to get around that.”

“So what are you going to do?” Call asked.

“You’re going to have to look for a job,” the stake president replied.

Read this carefully. The prohibition against having gay friends, as outlined by this “stake president”, is unconditional. Clearly it applies to Everyone. Mormon or not, gay or straight, it matters not. Anyone can be fired from LDS employment simply for having gay friends.

This is how serious this organization is behind the scenes about its anti-gay kulturkampf. It’s not just a matter of Insular Cult Administration 101, which says you mercilessly punish those who shake hands with people on the other side of the barbed wire fence because once they get the slightest taste of the world outside the compound next thing you know they’re out of there. Beyond that aspect of it there is this: when the scapegoat becomes human, persecuting them becomes immoral.

There’s the bottomless fear. Not of the moral decay of the world, but that the world begins to see, clearly, sickeningly, the moral decay within. That can never come to pass. The people must never be allowed to reach out to the scapegoat, the hated other, for once they do the scapegoat becomes human, and then the questions start. Oh my god…what have we been doing to these people all this time…? So much pain we’ve inflicted on so many for so long…and for what? For what?

Today the subjects in the LDS pews fear the judgement of their leaders. But the reality is the leaders are much more afraid of the judgment of the pews, and that day is coming.

by Bruce | Link | React! (2)

A Coming Out Story – Episode 14, “The Face In The Yearbook”

Wherein our hero learns how useful the school library can be…

Click on the image to go directly to Episode 14, or click Here to go to the main page.

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on A Coming Out Story – Episode 14, “The Face In The Yearbook”

March 14th, 2011

Weirdo Or Executive?

Oh look…the Baby Benz is all grown up now….

As with the SLK online owner’s manual we’ve shown you before, Mercedes-Benz has now launched the interactive manuals for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (w204) compact executive car and the C-Class Estate station wagon (s204).

Mercedes Benzwill equip their executive compact sedan, the Mercedes Benz C-Class 2012, with Nokia Terminal Mode technology. -Ninga Media

The ‘C’ comes in three flavors, only two of which are imported here to the States: the Sport and Luxury versions.  So I note that Daimler is pushing the ‘C’ class Luxury now as its “Executive Compact Sedan”, and the first thought that crosses my mind is that little word “Executive” is good for an additional five or six grand on the sticker price.

But this is good. When the W204 first came out people were displeased at the reduced level of wood trim and other small refinements compared to the ‘E’.  Initially there were no memory seats and other little things that raise the level of elegance and in their defense people said that the ‘C’ was never meant to be that anyway.  But others like myself were thinking Daimler also didn’t want to take customers away from the ‘E’ which is their bread and butter “Executive” sedan.  The smaller ‘C’ sold for less and if people could get ‘E’ class elegance in a less expensive car (and…seriously… we’re talking a Mercedes-Benz here…none of them are cheap!) they’d go get a ‘C’ instead.

But you would also want a ‘C’ if you’re like me, single, childless, and not needing a larger car.  I’ve looked at the new ‘E’…it is just magnificent.  I could afford one (barely).  But it’s too much car for me.  I just don’t need something that big.  And the fuel economy hit is more then I can morally justify in a car that is 99 percent rolling down the road with just me in it.   That gasoline is just being wasted and I am still, deep down inside, a waste not want not little Baptist boy.  Okay…who drives a Mercedes-Benz.  But still.

Small car = cheap basic transportation car is not such a simple calculation anymore.  Rising gasoline costs and fleet fuel efficiency mandates require that car companies sell smaller, more fuel efficient cars.  And German companies to their credit, are way more interested in being “green” then either American or Japanese car companies.  So Daimler needs to aim for at least ‘E’ class elegance in the Mercedes ‘C’.  There is no reason why a compact sedan cannot also be a sumptuous one, other then the stereotype of the compact car as inevitably being the basic transportation bare bones economy model.  In an age of rising fuel costs, that has to change.  The small car can be sumptuous too.

Now then…er…about that “Executive” thing…

Eddie Izzard…darn him.  I watched Dressed To Kill and now I just can’t read anything with the word “Executive” in it nowadays without thinking of this bit…

“I’m much more in the executive transvestite area.”

Fucking weirdo transvestite…Executive transvestite.  Fucking weirdo transvestite…Executive transvestite.  Economy compact sedan…Executive compact sedan.  Fucking weirdo transvestite…Executive transvestite…   I am really not in the market for trading in the car I have now…I am still thoroughly happy with Traveler…I think it will eventually become one of those quarter to half million mile Mercedes you see every now and then in the pages of enthusiast magazines.  Really, that’s how I feel about it.  My instinct is to hold on to a car until it simply can’t be driven anymore and that’s one reason why I was attracted to the Mercedes brand back when I was a little teenage geek.  Right now I feel like I can just spend the money on servicing and pampering my car and it will last forever.  And Daimler will give you a special over quarter million kilometer grill badge when your Mercedes odometer clicks over that much.  How many other car companies Want you to be proud you held on to the car that long?   But I go to my dealer for routine service and I still wander around the showroom floor while Traveler is back in the shop…and I just know I will have to work at keeping a straight face when the sales agents pitch this executive compact sedan stuff at me.  Yes yes, I’m much more in the executive compact sedan area…

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on Weirdo Or Executive?

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