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September 18th, 2017


Did I say I had an eclipse story to tell…and that it was coming soon. Erm…yes. Sorry. It’s something I’m still turning over in my head. In the meantime I have something to get off my chest…next post.

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on Sorry…
July 6th, 2015

Coming Soon To This Blog…

Spam on my personal email account has reached epic proportions. Part of the reason for that is surely that spammers have harvested the email link on this page and my cartoon pages and photo galleries.  So I’m in the process of activating a “white list”.  This will mean only addresses on that list will be able to send me email that actually gets through to me.

I’m working on a solution that will allow me to display a message to anyone not on the white list wanting to send me email, giving them instructions for how to get on the white list.  The email links will eventually disappear. In the meantime if you decide to use the link below and you think you’re probably not on my white list yet, add “addmebruce” (without the quotes) to your subject line and the spam trap will let it pass and I will add you.

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on Coming Soon To This Blog…
January 2nd, 2014


After a few false starts I’ve managed the upgrade.  At some point I might start looking for another theme since I very seldom update the right column anymore.  But for now all I wanted to do was get the blog on the current version of WordPress.

I am also running a class reunion site here that has been woefully neglected and now it’s so far behind in WordPress versions it’s not even displaying anymore and I had to take it down.  That’s going to be a manual upgrade process I am not looking forward to…



by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on Back…
December 30th, 2013

Blog Going Down For Upgrade Soon…

One of the things I wanted to do over my holiday vacation is upgrade the blog to the latest version of WordPress.  As I have some custom code in there it isn’t the most straightforward of processes.  But I have this entire site copied over to my household network and I can always go back if there is a major problem.  I’m just giving you this heads-up because it may not come back for a while when I do it….probably over the New Years holiday sometime when everyone is too hung over to be web surfing.

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on Blog Going Down For Upgrade Soon…
February 28th, 2013

Reminder: This Is A Life Blog…

…not a political blog or some other sort of blog.  It’s what blogs were before blogs became a thing. I’m just documenting my life here, such as it is, and maybe throwing a reference or two out to other things I do besides vent, like my photography or cartoons.  If what I’m putting up here has any value to anyone it’s because it’s about Life, not so much about Me specifically. If it gets heavy sometimes that’s because life will do that. If I don’t name names in something I post here that’s not because I’m being coy, it’s because the specific people don’t matter.  It’s not about them, it’s about life.

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on Reminder: This Is A Life Blog…
January 30th, 2013

Working On My Photo Galleries

My silence here lately is because I’m spending what free time I have to blog working on a redesign of my photo galleries here.  A big part of why I bought my domain back in 2001 and put this web site up, was for it to be a showcase for my cartoons and photography, and both those galleries need some refurbishing.  Over the years Facebook made it easy for me to neglect my own web site, but thankfully their policies lately, and Timeline which I absolutely despise, have brought my attention back to it.

Here at least, I have some control over how my artwork is displayed.  Also, by putting my artwork up on my own web site I am not agreeing to anyone else’s business model for their use.  Artists take note: Those Terms Of Service can change at a moment’s notice and next thing you know your artwork might be selling toothpaste.

Or worse…

NJ gay couple sues, condemns use of their picture in Colorado ads

Photographer Kristina Hill…and married couple Brian Edwards and Thomas Privitere…are suing an organization that used the engagement photos of Edwards and Priviterein in a smear political attack mailer against Colorado State Senator Jean White…

This is that case of the same sex couple whose engagement photos were appropriated for use in some anti-gay republican attack ads.  They’d posted the photo in a blog they started to celebrate their upcoming marriage.  Two years later it was snatched by “Public Advocate of the United States”, nutcase Eugene Delgaudio’s SPLC listed hate group, for use in anti-gay republican attack ads.  Additionally the photograph was altered to show different a background, to make it seem as if it were taken locally for a given race.  Always protect your copyright…

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on Working On My Photo Galleries
January 7th, 2013

I Should Probably Do A “Ten Movies I Love” Post Now…

…just to not be completely negative.  That’ll be an easier, funner post.

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on I Should Probably Do A “Ten Movies I Love” Post Now…
October 4th, 2012

FYI…About Comment Moderation Here…

…it’s almost exclusively to prevent spam in the comments.  Those of you who don’t run your own blog would not believe how much spam tries to invade blog comments these days.  It’s amazing.  I suspect most of it is simply to jack up Google rankings.  Anyway, that’s why you have to wait for me to approve comments.  It isn’t about controlling what opinions get expressed here, though if I see post or thread highjacking taking place I’ll put a stop to that too.  The moderation is about blocking spam.  Sorry.  This is why we can’t have nice things.

by Bruce | Link | Comments Off on FYI…About Comment Moderation Here…
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