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March 28th, 2014

Let’s Talk…Just Not About What We Need To Talk About

I got this link to a blog post from someone working at Mozilla…

What’s Happening Inside  Mozilla

I won’t quote from it lest I be accused later of selective editing. Go read it for yourself, the blogger is obviously distraught over the sudden tidal wave of anger being directed at the company for putting a man at the top who gave a thousand bucks to support Proposition 8.  On the other hand, you’d think from reading his links that all the happy gays and gay friendly people at Mozilla have no problems at all with a guy who dropped a grand to cut off the ring fingers of gay couples in California.

PC Magazine wrote the following about the controversy

“Mozilla’s new CEO this week expressed “sorrow” for having caused pain by making a donation in support of California’s Prop. 8, which sought to ban gay marriage. And while he made an “active commitment to equality,” Brendan Eich did not elaborate on his beliefs regarding gay marriage and the LBGT community…”

A thousand bucks might have seemed chump change to this guy but it’s still serious money, and it shows a serious commitment to a belief that homosexuals are at best damaged goods that don’t actually love and aren’t fully human. There is no argument about protecting the institution of marriage as being about one man and one woman that does not have as its bedrock the image of The Homosexual as some sort of defiling pornographic cesspool flung into a sacred ground.  Marriage is about love and family…homosexuals are degenerates that just have sex, molest children and spread disease.  That was what Proposition 8 was about from beginning to end.  It was an attack, not just on the right of same sex couples to marry, but on the humanity of gay people. It was a multi-million dollar hammer brought down against the very idea that there could possibly be anything sacred about the feelings of love and devotion gay couples feel, waged by people who think we are a cancer on human existence.  And Eich bought a thousand dollar share in that campaign.

But at Mozilla according to this blogger, what they’re having is a discussion about freedom of speech verses equality. That’s the argument the religious right wants everyone to have and it’s exactly the wrong argument to be having. You can give your product away but throw your character into the gutter and you’ll be years cleaning it back up. And this man still doesn’t seem to think he did anything wrong.

That’s the problem here. If they’re having a discussion about rights at Mozilla they’re having the wrong discussion.They should be talking about character. That PC Magazine article says that he expressed “sorrow” and did not elaborate on his beliefs regarding same sex marriage and LGBT people.  Tell you what…read His Own Words and then tell me with a straight face that this man has any regrets about what he and countless others did to their gay neighbors in California. Everything is sickeningly there in plain sight, to anyone who has fought this battle:

…the donation does not in itself constitute evidence of animosity. Those asserting this are not providing a reasoned argument, rather they are labeling dissenters to cast them out of polite society. To such assertions, I can only respond: “no”.

Hahahahaha…  Where have I heard that before?  You’re just calling me a hateful bigot because I disagree with you!  No Brandan, ‘bigot’ is a perfectly good old fashioned English word and it means something.  And something else that has some meaning is you declaring you won’t discuss your involvement with Proposition 8 at the same time you’re bellyaching about having a rational discussion.  Actually Brandan they had that rational discussion at the trial and  David Boies said it best when he said that the witness stand is a lonely place to lie. But it’s not the only lonely place and you are not a mere dissenter. Freedom of speech is one thing. A thousand dollars to a campaign to cut people’s ring fingers off isn’t mere speech.    But let it be said the speech you dropped a grand on is bad enough. That money went to ads that played the Gays Are Coming For Your Children card!   Living with the lies you paid a thousand bucks for come home to roost is another lonely place. You could renounce them, but it seems you won’t, and that makes them your lies too.

Lies are a kind of speech, yes. Hate mongering is a kind of speech, yes. But what kind of speech, and what kind of person utters it?  If they are having a free speech verses equal rights discussion at Mozilla they are having the wrong discussion.

[Edited a tad for clarity…]

3 Responses to “Let’s Talk…Just Not About What We Need To Talk About”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “There is no argument about protecting the institution of marriage as being about one man and one woman that does not have as its bedrock the image of The Homosexual as some sort of defiling pornographic cesspool flung into a sacred ground.”  That’s a straw man argument and completely ignores the many arguments that are not based on that bedrock.  Your statement is what makes it so hard to discuss this delicate topic.  You’ve completely closed your mind to the possibility that people have real, valid reasons to believe differently.  I’m sure there are people out there that do have that as the underlying reason but it is not the only underlying reason.

  2. Bruce Says:

    > That’s a straw man argument and completely ignores the many arguments that are not based on that bedrock.

    Uh, huh.  Give me some.

    I’m 60 years old. I came out to myself in 1971. That’s how long I’ve been in this struggle. I have heard the other side of this struggle excusing itself for all of it. Let me assure you it’s a lot easier to ignore outright completely proud of itself hate than the sight of otherwise decent people flailing desperately around for something, anything that allows them to hold onto both their bar stool prejudices and their self respect at the same time. One of the deepest wounds gay people bear in this fight is seeing so many people you once respected throw their conscience overboard rather than let go of their prejudices, and I’ve seen my share and then some.

    We have nothing personal against you people, we’re just asking you to please not defile our intimate relationships by suggesting they’re anything like your…sexual choices… You get deathly sick of it after a while, but then you remember that first time you fell in love, remember that first time the one you loved smiled back at you, and you go on. By all means, tell me something I haven’t already heard a thousand times before, in between all the stories I’ve had to read about over and over and over again of decent loving gay couples struggling to cope with prejudice and hate. Have you heard the one about the homosexual who wasn’t even allowed to go to the funeral of their loved one because they weren’t…you know…family? I’ve heard that one dozens of times. I’m remembering some of those stories right now.

  3. Bruce Says:

    …and just as a wee follow-up: I was browsing my blog archives just now looking for something else and came across This Post about a same-sex couple navigating their world after their state passed an anti marriage amendment. All those happy little amusements that heterosexuals take for granted…because the No Homos sign doesn’t apply to them of course…

    I had a hard time getting started on this post. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around how the TN anti-gay marriage amendment weaseled itself into the most mundane aspects of our life.

    Back when I first posted on the effects of an amendment within the state, I focused on the obvious problems such as being denied access to or the right to make medical decisions for a partner. Little did I consider at the time, that we wouldn’t even be able to participate in a “vow renewal ceremony” at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

    The flyer for the event read…

    May 12 – 13:
    Romance Weekend
    In the spirit of Romeo & Juliet, love is in the air, along with many a love ballad…

    Our vow renewal ceremony is a group ceremony performed by one of our vendors,
    who is an ordained minister. Participants in the ceremony must be legally
    married under the state laws of Tennessee. We encourage participants to come in costume.

    As we say in the IT business…it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

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