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April 30th, 2007

E. coli Conservatives

Rick Perlstein has a good blog going at Campaign For America’s Future that you should check out .  For some help loosing your appitite, read some of his posts on what he’s calling, E. coli Conservatives:

(Click here to learn why we call them "E. coli conservatives.")

I wrote here about how we found out how Peter Pan peter butter got poisoned: the company, months after the event, did a belated inspection that blamed a leaky roof. The FDA hadn’t been able to find that same leaky roof when it inspected fact two months earlier.

Neither the company nor the FDA, we know now, managed to notice what it took those evil "trial lawyers" conservative Republicans so love to hate to discover some three months after the fact: a dead rat, rat traps, and roaches, and more. Conditions worthy of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.

"Attorney Randall Hood of Rock Hill and 15 other attorneys were inspecting a ConAgra foods plant in Slyvaester, Ga., in April when they found the dead rat, bird fathers inside the plant, roaches on raw peanuts and other things ‘consistent with salmonella contamination,’ according to a court document."

Ask your Aunt Millie to stop voting for Republicans. If she won’t, at least tell her to skip the Skippy.

Now go back and read that post I put up a few days ago, where David Broder waxes happily about the times he spent eating quail with Karl Rove.

[Update…] Fixed the link to the Broder post.  Sorry…

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