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January 17th, 2007

Tales Of The Smirk…(continued)

It just never stops with him…

Bush: War Skeptics ‘Proposing Nothing’

President Bush on Saturday challenged lawmakers skeptical of his new Iraq plan to propose their own strategy for stopping the violence in Baghdad. "To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible," Bush said.

This from the man who just weeks ago received the Iraq Study Group Report, which did exactly that, and which he reportedly called a "flaming turd".  Okay…fine…he doesn’t like what they’re proposing.  But why lie about it?

Well for one thing, because for six years going on seven now, he’s been able to lie through his teeth about damn near anything he’s wanted to and the press never called him on any of it.  But mostly, it’s just junior doing what he’s always done all his damn life…shifting the blame elsewhere.

I’m seeing chatter making the rounds on the blog nets now, about how those of us who opposed this war from the beginning, those of us who felt it would turn out as badly as it now, unmistakably has, were nonetheless wrong anyway, no matter how right we were, because we based our opposition on our dislike of Bush. 

Well…duh!  I said early on that I could imagine one of any dozen or so other possible presidents, including republicans I absolutely detest, who if they’d made the case for Iraq I’d have gritted my teeth and reluctantly gone along with it.  But from the start the problem was that it was Bush.  Anyone taking even a little peek into that toxic waste dump that was his resume before 2000 could have seen this coming.  Bush, let alone the right wing machine that pushed him on America, was not trustworthy.  Period.

And now…thousands of dead Americans, a foreign policy in ruins, a lost American city, trillions of dollars in debt, a constitution in tatters and our moral standing in the world in the gutter later…the rest of you know it too.

Why on earth couldn’t you people see what this man was made of before you voted him into the highest office in the land?  Twice for fuck’s sake!?  Why couldn’t you just use a little basic common sense and…LOOKOUT, THE GAYS WANT TO BAN BIBLES AND MARRY EACH OTHER!!! 

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