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January 10th, 2007

The Bitter Pain Of Harrassment…

Apparently Ex-Gay-For-Pay Randy Thomas, membership director of Exodus, and staunch opponent of hate crime laws, is getting a bit tired of being harassed for what he is…

This is rich:

Private Blog

There is something to be said about having a public blog.  I love to blog.  I have made some amazing friends and had wonderful conversations over the years.  I like posting pictures and artwork and discussing important topics (overcoming homosexuality only being one of millions of important topics.)  Even so, having a personal "public" blog is also time intensive.  Especially when you have so many people willing to harass you and your loved ones because they don’t agree with you. :)  So, at this point, this blog is going to be completely private and posts will only be visible to my VOX neighborhood, friends and family…

Scott over at Reality Cubed has a pretty good retort up to all this, to which I can only add that it’s grotesque watching someone who played his part in a right wing propaganda offensive against hate crime laws, with gusto, bellyaching now about being harassed because, because, because they don’t agree with him.  Honestly you pathetic gutter crawling maggot, I don’t give a flying fuck what your opinions are about homosexuals and homosexuality.  Out of the lifestyle are you?  Fine.  Whatever.  And for the record I don’t think people should be harassing you online, except I strongly suspect what you consider harassment is simply the kind of eminently expectable ill will people get in return when they keep spitting in their neighbor’s faces, and trashing their lives.  Be nice if your kind would stop inciting religious passions against gay people, and then encouraging the police and the courts to keep looking the other way when they start taking it out on us violently though, wouldn’t it?  Ask this Milwaukee Lesbian what being harassed feels like, you drooling moron.

Randy’s the guy on the…er…far right…in the ad below, produced by Exodus in their offensive in late 2005 against hate crime laws protecting gay people from what happened to Angela Emanule above, and countless others, like James Maestas, who was beaten so badly in Santa Fe earlier in the same year Exodus produced this ad, that his lungs were burned by his own stomach acid.

Here’s Randy hobnobbing with Karl Rove…

And, just to remind everyone, here’s how Rove likes winning elections in swing states…

Producing the inevitable results like this one…

or like what happened to Patricia Wells after she got in the way of a neo-nazi attacker who broke into her trailor to kill her gay son

The gay kid wasn’t there, but the man managed to kill his 17 year old friend who was.  And republicans sure do seem like they’re perfectly willing to live with the consequences of demonizing homosexuals for votes, so long as it keeps winning them elections.   And you’ll keep helping them do it won’t you Randy?  Like…by spreading the damnable lie that we think our lives are more valuable then anyone else’s.  All that ad did was generate more hate toward gay people.  But…that’s what it was for.  You know what Randy?  Your name was on the knife that killed Kristofer King.


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