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January 5th, 2007

Christ’s Vacuum Cleaner Salesmen

In a perverse kind of way, this is encouraging.  You can tell homosexual bogyman is loosing its punch as a fund-raising icon, when outfits like Lou Sheldon’s Traditional Values Coalition have to resort to the same kind of cheap postal scams on elderly people that the secular crooks do

Who would have guessed that answering a few census questions could make you a participant in battling the "homosexual agenda"?

Napa resident Marcia Zwick never imagined this when she recently received a large, important-looking envelope in the mail. She works as a legal secretary and is accustomed to handling official documents.

"I’m a reasonably intelligent person," Zwick said. "I couldn’t tell what this really was."

The answer isn’t readily apparent.

"U.S. Taxpayer Census," the envelope says on the outside in big letters. "Do Not Tamper: Reply Within 5 Days."

Inside is an official-looking questionnaire. "This U.S. Taxpayer Census has been specially commissioned to gather public opinion in America’s ‘grassroots’ about the new Social Security Preservation Act (HR 219) now pending in the U.S. Congress," it says.

"This Census is individually registered under your name to represent Napa public opinion in California 01 voting district. So it is critical you return it — even if you are undecided about some answers."

In reality, the "Census" is a mailer from something called the Christian Seniors Association. And of the nine questions it asks, six involve a slanted look at Social Security and three involve donating money to the right-wing organization.

What the mailer doesn’t tell you, though, at least not in so many words, is that any funds contributed to the Christian Seniors Association will in fact go to its parent group, the Traditional Values Coalition.

Cute.  This from the man who routinely calls gay people sexual predators and pedophiles.   They’re the folks responsible for this bit of fragrant web advertising:


The mailer from the Christian Seniors Association only hints at broader public-policy goals. An accompanying letter explains that the organization was started several years ago as an alternative to the AARP.

It’s not until you get to the fine print on the back of the association’s Census form that you learn the organization "is a division of Traditional Values Coalition" and that "all contributions are combined to help pay Traditional Values Coalition expenses."

So this ersatz seniors organization really exists mostly to funnel old people’s money over to TVC.  You have to figure that’s because scaring them with the gay bogyman isn’t opening up their checkbooks like it used to.  Picture Lou spending money old people gave to him out of their fixed incomes thinking it was going to a campaign for senior’s issues, on his splendid little war on homosexuality instead. I guess screwing old people isn’t ungodly if all you rape them for is their money. You know…that stuff they use to put food in their mouths and a roof over their heads and buy their medicine with.  Who the hell made Lou Sheldon a reverend?  John Gotti?


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