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December 5th, 2006


So I’m bumping this post up again for a couple folks who might be visiting here in the near future, who wouldn’t have seen it.. 

Episode Eight of A Coming Out Story…  Wherein our hero actually tries to say something…


Click on the image to go directly to the new episode, or Here, to go to the series main menu.


10 Responses to “Hi…”

  1. peterson toscano Says:

    whoo whoo. I like, I like

  2. peterson toscano Says:

    I really like the tension you build. I feel it as I see it.

  3. williehewes Says:

    Yes, excellent work. :)

    Do you have plans to bring this out as a book once it’s finished? I think it’s really sweet. My favourite episode so far is still the one where he sits around smoking with his friends. Er, you, that is.

  4. Bruce Says:

    Thanks, both of you. It feels so good to see the story and the artwork working for both you professionals.

    Yes, I definitely have it in mind to gather it all together into book form when it’s done. But at the rate I’m going now that’s going to be a while. I have a bit over fifty episodes of this thing scripted and I’m going to need to work on it a little faster then this to get it all done in a reasonable amount of time. I’m so glad people are sticking with me as a try to get these out.

    The next episode “Left Brain/Right Brain” will probably happen pretty quickly. It’s one of those I’ve been chomping at the bit to do since I started this project, and the characters it introduces actually have a lot of “stage time” in this story. The one after that, “Just Don’t Look…” will be a lot of fun too.

  5. Anna Says:

    Found a link to this website on Petersons blog and I just wanted to say I LOVE THIS COMIC!! Reading this epsiode I was like “oooh he feels it too yeeeeaaah” :) Looking forward to the next one.

  6. Bruce Says:

    Thank you Anna!

    Ah…can the beautiful popular boy from the well-to-do neighborhood and the shy geeky boy from the poor side of the tracks ever manage to do more then just gawk at each other from afar? Will the shy geeky boy ever figure out that he’s got a serious case of the crush on TK or will he stay clueless for the rest of his life? What does TK really think of this guy who keeps gawking at him? Is Mr. Dalton’s algebra class really that boring?

    Stay tuned…

  7. Joe Brummer Says:

    Wow, that was me all the years I wasn’t out…….it really was…..

    Great Comic!!!!


  8. Bruce Says:

    Thanks Joe!

    You know, when I started seriously thinking about doing this a while back, I knew there were already a lot of gay coming of age stories out there. But I never saw anything that quite spoke to my own experiences and struggles. So I thought my own gay coming of age story might be a worthwhile project. If nothing else I reckoned it might speak a little to the diversity of experience in our community, and hopefully open a few more eyes in the process if enough people read it. I really believe in the power of the telling of our own stories, as a force against prejudice and hate. But by gosh I keep getting feedback here and there from people who keep saying in effect, “yes…that was me too” and it’s been very gratifying.

    I guess the moral is that we’re never as alone as we might think.

  9. Bill S Says:

    Forget high school-that was me two weeks ago. :)
    Seems I haven’t outgrown my ability to make an ass of myself around anyone I think is hot. And of course, after I walk away, I do more than kick yourself being tongue-tied; I also start listing everything else that’s wrong with me.
    While I can’t answer all the questions you raised in your 2:07 comment, I’ll guess the answer to the last one is: “Yes, more than you can possibly imagine.”

  10. Bill S Says:

    I guess I should have read that more carefully before hitting “submit comment”. What I meant to say was, “I do more thank kick MYSELF FOR being tongue-tied…”

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