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August 16th, 2009

Hello…Alan…? So Laws Banning Same-Sex Marriage Saved Your Life Did They…?

I saw this little news tidbit over at Box Turtle Bulletin.  But first, let’s review some testimony about marriage from Alan Chambers, president of the ex-gay therapy group Exodus International.  Alan likes to tell people that homosexuals can change.  Here he is, giving testimony at a 2004 U.C. Berkeley Debate on Same-Sex Marriage…

My name is Alan Chambers; I am a Christian…

Hello Alan…

…a husband to my wife, Leslie and I also used to be a homosexual. To be clear, I did not choose my same-sex attractions nor did I willfully adopt a homosexual orientation, but my response to both, my behaviors, were a choice.

I remember being a lonely 18 year-old searching for Mr. Right. I remember the ache to have a man hold me, protect me, love me and devote his life to me. I remember thinking I would do anything to fill that insatiable need. I did everything short of praying for my knight in shining armor to show up on my doorstep. I was certain that beyond the shadow of a doubt that the missing piece to my life’s puzzle was going to be found in the man of my dreams.

Nearly 14 years later, I am happy, content and satisfied emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally and sexually. My process was one of self-determination and willful choice to move beyond the box that enslaves so many wonderful same-sex attracted people. Change is possible and I am living proof. I used to be homosexual and today I am not.

Had same-sex marriage been legal in 1990, I am certain that I would have tested that option. I met men who I wanted to marry. Yet today, as a mature adult with a sober perspective, I realize that I wasn’t searching for a man as much as I was searching for an answer, a drug even, to numb the pain and to make me feel better about who I thought I was. The law kept me from making one, if not many, life-altering mistakes.

Recently, Dennis Teti wrote in "The Weekly Standard", "Governments’ purpose is not to dispense rights but the secure rights created by nature and nature’s God." The current laws saved my life and continue to save the lives of other young people like me who need life saving boundaries.

As a former homosexual, I know that this battle has little, if nothing, to do with marriage, but rather with an absolute need for social approval and acceptance. This experiment with marriage, being promoted by a few, is about silencing inward guilt, pain and the gut-wrenching reality resident within homosexual and lesbian people that their desires will never be completely satisfied in the ways they seek homosexually. Legal endorsement and approval of same-sex marriage will simply guarantee that more lives those of today’s and future children, will be ruined. We already live in a truly tolerant society where the law views us all equally. Race, religion, gender, age or disability affects our personal freedoms. The laws in place that protect marriage do so to protect an institution that has been the bedrock of societies for thousands of years and most importantly to protect children. A two parent, one man-one woman, family is the best environment in which to raise the next generation. We must do all we can to protect this family unit.

Again, I am one of tens of thousands of people whom have successfully changed their sexual orientation. I am grateful for the message of change and for the current laws that saved my life.

Saved your life did they…?

Woman accused of stabbing husband formally charged

BOULDER – A woman accused of stabbing her husband less than two months after their wedding day is now facing second-degree murder charges.

[Traci] Housman told police they were drinking a lot the night of Aug. 2 and started arguing after "John began telling everyone, ‘I’m a gay guy.’"

According to the wife the fight got physical when they got home and she stabbed him in self defense.  She’s facing 32 years in jail now.  Good thing this guy wasn’t allowed to marry another man, eh Alan?

You’re right Alan…absolutely right.  This battle has little, if nothing, to do with marriage, but rather with an absolute need for social approval and acceptance.  Right on.  It is being promoted by a few, is about silencing inward guilt, pain and the gut-wrenching reality resident within homosexuals.  Some homosexuals.  The ones that hate themselves and want more then anything else to be heterosexual.  Homosexuals like you Alan.  As long as there exist some gay people, anywhere, who could accept themselves just as they are, and live happy, contented, decent lives just as they are, and find someone of their own sex to love and cherish and settle down with…then what does that make you? 

Silencing inward guilt?  Can a man really buy self respect by driving a dagger into the hopes and dreams of his neighbors?  Really?

6 Responses to “Hello…Alan…? So Laws Banning Same-Sex Marriage Saved Your Life Did They…?”

  1. Bill S Says:

    Didn’t Alan Chambers also recently CHANGE his own story, and admit that his sexual orientation HADN’T changed?
    It’s an odd thing to me-every single "ex-gay" I see shilling for these therapies seems like their own worst advertisement. Whenever I look at Chambers, or, especially, read what he has to say-all I can think is: "who’d wanna be like THAT guy"?

  2. Bruce Says:

    Sexual orientation is never so fluid as in an Exodus definition of what homosexuality is.  There is no such thing as a homosexual, there is only homosexual behavior.  But homosexuals can change.  Just not their sexual attractions.  And so on and so forth…

  3. tavdy79 Says:

    The wall is blue, the wall is blue…

  4. Denise Says:

    I don’t buy Alan’s claim for a split-second. This reads like anti-gay propaganda. Sexual orientation is NOT changeable. Now, can people make *choices*? Sure, every single day. People can, and do, choose to go against who they are at their core on a regular basis – thus proving in my experience to be some of the unhappiest people alive, no matter how they try to mask it with pretty words. This makes me want to give all of my GLBT friends gigantic hugs for this fight that they’re continuing to fight – and those of us who are straight supporters need to continue to be more vocal alongside.

  5. Bill S Says:

    Bruce hasn’t posted anything new here in weeks. Hope everything’s alright.

  6. Bruce Says:

    Sorry!  Everything’s fine…just super busy with work.

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