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March 8th, 2009

Inciting The Mob To Kill Homosexuals

Scott Lively, author of the revisionist Pink Swastika, is in Uganda.  Lively has previously traveled to eastern Europe, and the former Soviet block, to tell the people there that the Nazis who massacred millions of Slavs during World War II were homosexuals.  Here’s what I wrote about it a year ago January

The Christian Science Monitor has an article up about The Watchmen On The Walls

Alex Shevchenko has been arraigned for a hate crime tied to the assault and eventual death of Satender Singh in July. According to prosecutors, Mr. Shevchenko and Andrey Vusik taunted Mr. Singh in a park because they thought he was gay. Mr. Vusik eventually threw a punch that toppled Singh, dashing his head, they charge.

Gay leaders in Sacramento say the incident followed several years of escalating tensions with some Slavic immigrants.

"The gut feeling of the [gay] community is that preaching among the local Russian evangelical community is breeding hate and that something would happen. And Satender was the something that happened," says Ed Bennett, a gay Democratic activist.

While Slavic leaders say their community is being unfairly scapegoated for legitimate political protests and deeply held religious beliefs, some monitors warn that an emerging group called the Watchmen on the Walls may be fomenting a dangerous atmosphere within the ranks of Slavic immigrants here.

I’ll say it’s dangerous.  Scott Lively, one of the group’s founders, is also the author of The Pink Triangle…a Holocaust revisionist book that argues that the Nazis were basically a homosexual movement and that rather then being among the victims of the Holocaust, homosexuals were the primary instigators of it.  Consider that Lively is now preaching this message to Slavs in what was the eastern Soviet bloc at one time…a people who suffered a staggering loss of life at the hands of the Nazis during world war two…

Videos of Watchmen conferences abroad suggest some leaders are less modulated, and their audience less against violence. One video shows Lively giving a version of Singh’s killing different from reported facts, including the notion that Singh was undressing in front of children. The audience cheered twice as Lively recounted the punch and the death of Singh – a reaction Lively rebuked, saying: "We don’t want homosexuals to be killed. We want them to be saved."

The camera was on and Lively knew it.  There is no way on God’s green earth Lively doesn’t know the impact his message that the Nazis were homosexuals and homosexuals are all basically Nazis has on this particular group of people.  He knows Exactly what he’s doing.  He has never publicly condemned the killing of Satender Singh by a group of young Slav men in Sacramento.  There’s a reason for that.

Eastern Europe taken care of, and sufficiently incited to murder, Lively has now traveled to Africa, with basically the same message: African genocide is caused by homosexuals…it is the homosexuals who are killing Africans…  Jim Burroway reports…

Uganda Anti-Gay Conference: Day Three — Gays Blamed For Rwandan Genocide; More Exodus Ties To Holocaust Revisionism

According to anonymous blogger GayUganda — as we said, Ugandan gay bloggers need to remain anonymous for their own safety — American Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively provided the much-anticipated red meat on day three of the anti-gay conference taking place in Kampala.

On Saturday, Lively repeated his discredited historical revisionist theory in which he claims that the cornerstone of  Germany’s Nazi lies firmly in the gay movement, and that the gay movement today, if left unchecked, will result in a similarly murderous fascism wherever it goes. In Kampala, he went further by expanding his examples of what he calls homosexuals’ murderous impulse by blaming the 1994 Rwanda genocide on gay men.

Now consider the environment Lively is pouring his gasoline into…

Lively was asked about the current state of Ugandan law, which provides for a life sentence for homosexuality. Lively reportedly approved of the existing law, and endorsed adding a provision mandating forcing convicted gay men and women into ex-gay therapy. Conference speakers had called for such a law on the second day of the conference. Adding more fuel to the fire, GayUganda had earlier noticed that this apparent press release was posted on The Earth Times:

Kampala Anti-gay activists in Uganda Saturday formed a pressure group to discourage homosexuality, following a two-day conference of religious leaders, teachers and social workers in the capital Kampala.

The group, to be called the Anti-Gay Task Force, is intended to “fight against the spread of homosexuality and lesbianism in the country,” spokesman for the group Stephen Langa told reporters. Same sex-relationships and marriages are illegal in Uganda, and human rights groups have criticized the government for harassing homosexuals.

The task-force said that it would one day “wipe out” gay practices in the African state.

The threat to “‘wipe out’ gay practices” is not an idle threat in a nation that provides a life sentence for those convicted of homosexuality. Further, Uganda witnessed at least three seperate campaigns of government sanctioned and media-led vigilantism between 2005 and 2007. The last spate of violence was sparked by a press conference of LGBT leaders calling on the nation to simply allow gays and lesbians to live in peace. The LGBT leaders at the conference wore face masks out of fear of being identified.

This conference poses a very dangerous development in a country with such a volatile history in how it treats gays and lesbians.

Which is precisely what Lively went there to accomplish.  Is there any doubt now that this man wants to rise the mob against gay people, in order to enact his final solution?  This is deliberate incitement to violence.  There is just no mistaking it for anything else.  Like so many other Culture Warriors, Lively wants gay people dead.  But unlike most of the others, he has a plan to accomplish it.  Step one: Go to nation that has suffered genocide.  Step Two: Teach the people of that nation that the ones who killed their kinfolk were homosexuals.  Step Three

Satendar Singh was a native of Fiji.  At age 19 he immigrated to the USA and lived with relatives in the Sacramento, California area.  He worked at an AT&T call center.  He was well liked by both his co-workers and friends.

On Sunday afternoon July 1, 2007 he and 6 friends, reportedly 3 couples of Indian and Fijian descent, were partying at a California State park at Lake Natoma, east of Sacramento.  Trouble broke out between Singh’s group and another group, reportedly Russian speaking and of Russian descent.  Verbal assaults were traded between the groups.  The Russian group allegedly made racist and homophobic comments to Singh’s group and singled him out for homophobic comments.

About 8pm that evening as Singh’s group was leaving, the men of the Russian group confronted Singh’s group in the parking lot.  During the confrontation one man punched Satendar Singh in the face and Singh fell backward hitting his head.  Singh slipped into a coma never to regain consciousness. Four days later on July 5, 2007, family removed Satendar Singh from life support and he died.

…dead homosexuals.  Celebrate.  Repeat.

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